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I decided to start my first Blog, Blog, Blog. Who knew I would be getting so techy in my old age.

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I would much rather paint than type, but I do love to share!

I thought I would just post some paintings and my progress and thought processes behind some of my creations. Things that I am working on, some things that I could use some feedback on, just a place to ramble and share ideas. I have so many things I want to work on, from my new pastel landscape classes to the paintings I have yet to even start. Here is the Tiger I am working on now, well not right now, as I have the flu, and don't feel like doing anything at the moment.

Pastel on Suede, playing with ideas on what colors to use in the shadows ( love the teals, blues, and purples) and figuring out my lights vs darks. My reference photo was not taken on a very sunny day so artistic licence is needed.


I try to practice painting at least once a week with a live model. We meet at the White side Community Center in Tulsa and for 2-3 hours I have the opportunity to paint a live model. Quite the challenge! Some days it goes great and some days not so well. I plan on posting (good or bad) the finished results weekly. Although I never really finish them, just try to do the best I can in the time allotted. The three I have here are all done in pastel but on different surfaces. Color fix paper, velour mounted on foam board and primed mat board. all give different effects and textures. These were from the last three weeks.

velour Color Fix Primed mat

Happenings- Events-

I am so looking forward to the upcoming Nature works art show, My dream is to be invited to participate one day. I have a few pieces planned already in case it ever happens ha ha. Im running out of wall space in the house!

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